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Rabi Shankar Guin
I am a businessman. Two years back I have been implanted with Multifocal Lens in both eyes. Now I am very comfortable with reading as well as working on Laptop. I have no problem in night driving either. Thanks to Matri Prerna Eye Hospital.
Dr. Manju Agarwal
I am a doctor(Pathologist). Three years back I have been implanted with Toric Multifocal Lens bilaterally in this hospital. Presently I am very happy with my near as well as distance vision. Also, I am comfortable in using Pathological Microscope and other instruments without spectacles. I am thankful to Matri Prerna Eye Hospital for providing me this youthful vision.
Swaran Sing, 60, Professor
Matri Prerna restored my vision – flawlessly. I underwent cataract surgery in my left eye and now I am able to see the beautiful world in clear light once again. The whole experience has been wonderful. The personalised healing touch has been the best part.
Tanveer Ansari, 50, Manager
I developed a cataract quite early in life. I am deeply grateful to MPEH for removing it successfully using the latest technology. The hospitable behavior of the staff has left me deeply impressed. Also, the cataract surgery cost is pretty affordable.
Savita Dhar, 68, Retired Teacher
The team of professional doctors here performs remarkably well. My problem was diagnosed properly as I have several other health complications related to age. I was assured that the cataract surgery would not suffer because of my recommend their safe hands to those planning to have an eye surgery. Best eye hospital Ranchi.
Maria Joseph, 57, Banker
I was worried about the complications arising from cataract surgery. But here, the entire procedure is highly advanced. Besides, my cataract surgery recovery has been very fast. Undobtedly, it is one of the top eye hospitals in India.
Vandana Tripathi, 36, Accountant
Recently, I underwent laser refractive surgery at Matri Prerna and I must say the best eye specialist doctor in Ranchi attended to me and explained the whole process very patiently. Best eye doctors in Ranchi are available for consultation here. Dedicated service is their core value.
Bhaskar Roy, 45, Media Professional
Matri Prerna is the most affordable eye hospital Ranchi, Jharkhand. Lasik laser surgery cost is the lowest here. The cost of laser eye surgery really took me by surprise. In fact, I wrote a feature article about Matri Prerna being the best eye care hospital here.

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