Low Vision Aid

It is useful in individuals with significant and irreversible loss of vision not improving with common aids like spectacles and contact lenses. It has variants that can be a combination of lenses like in microscope or telescope. It can be a simple handled magnifying glass or a complex electronic gadget.

People with low vision have some vision that can be improved with the help of ‘low vision devices or aids’ and visual rehabilitation services. The purpose of visual rehabilitation is to enable the person to perform necessary tasks. They can garner new strategies for performing daily chores and getting around safely. The adaptive process, in coordination with low vision services, is called vision rehabilitation.

Low vision aid devices

Optical devices – hand and stand magnifiers, high powered spectacles – assist in reading dailies or checking labels. Telescope spectacles help improve the distant vision. Non optical devices – letter writers, signature guides, and thick black felt-tipped pens – help improve a lot. Patients with substantially impaired vision are rehabilitated using Closed circuit TV (CCTV) reading machines and voice-activated computer programs. A dedicated team takes care of patients with low vision. Trained specialists equip partially sighted people of all age groups with skills and confidence to meet the challenges of life.

At Matri Prerna Eye Hospital, rehabilitation depends on the severity of the disability and the age when it occurs. The focus is to make patients grow confident with emotional resilience. The intent is not to make a person recover sight, but to make the best use of what remains.

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